Big Lottery grant awarded to Halton and Brennan Lodge homeless services

Creative Support are pleased to announce that they been granted just under £4,000 from The Big Lottery, Awards for All, to run a series of art workshops for our tenants at Halton and Brennan Lodge homeless service.

These services are in Halton, a Borough which is dispersed on either side of the River Mersey, as are Halton and Brennan Lodge. Creative Support felt that a community tour showcasing tenants’ artwork would be a great way to bring people together, challenging stereotypes of homelessness and additionally providing an opportunity to find out more about our two sister services.

Run by a fantastic local art cooperative called Hazlehurst Studios, these art sessions will be therapeutic, social-enhancing, and through the medium of art, allow our tenants to put forward their own story, strengths and make their mark.




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