Autism Month at Creative Support

April was Autism Month here at Creative Support. We marked the occasion by releasing our short film 7 Autism Stereotypes, in which our autistic service users David, Matthew and Dan, discuss seven common autism myths. The stereotypes we covered are:

1. People with autism can’t deal with social situations
2. People with autism all behave in the same way
3. People with autism can’t feel or read emotions
4. A child with autism can ‘grow out of’ the condition
5. People with autism cannot be educated
6. People with autism all have obsessive behaviours
7. People with autism will never achieve anything.

Dan, Matthew and David offered some really valuable insights and showed us the importance of challenging negative stereotypes. We later caught up with the guys, as well as Deanna from our Breakthrough service in Manchester, to discuss recent developments such as Asda’s trial introduction of a quiet hour to help autistic shoppers, and The A Word, the new BBC drama about a young child with autism. We published their responses in a special newsletter. Click here to read our Autism Month Newsletter, and check out our film 7 Autism Stereotypes below.




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