MADE in Manchester – Disability Arts Exhibition

MADE, a multimedia arts exhibition featuring the work of over 60 learning disabled visual artists, is opening at the People’s History Museum in Manchester on Saturday 25th July.

Over the last 12 months artists with learning disabilities have worked together with Venture Arts to produce work for the exhibition. Over 100 pieces of new and vibrant work have been created in preparation for the exhibition using a range of artistic media including drawing, painting, animation, printmaking, art as environment, 3D sculpture, illustration, photography, ceramics and textiles.

The artists involved in the project chose themes of the natural versus the manufactured in order to explore, through their art, the changing environments around them.

Beth, one of the featured artists said:

“Working towards the MADE exhibition has been amazing for me. I’ve been working with other artists and participants at Venture Arts and it has helped me improve my own skills as an artist but more importantly it has helped me grow in confidence and essentially it has made me very happy.”

Amanda Sutton, Venture Arts manager added:

“In an ever changing world the views and perspectives of artists with a learning disability are essential to helping us all understand how we look at and live in a modern Manchester.”

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