Bond Forever

In this post, James tells us about his Bond collection – and gives some great advice on where to pick up some good bargains!

image001When I went into Chorley to have a look around the shops, something caught my eye as I walked past a charity shop. I had to go and get it.

It was a James Bond book which stuck out like a sore thumb. So I got it.

I like action films and Bond films are amazing to watch because there’s so much action to it. Roger Moore is my favourite actor to play Bond.

I decided to start collecting Bond movies about two years ago. Most films are hard to find and rare. My first book which was about Bond was 10p! What a bargain! And then my second book was £1.99! Is that amazing or what? Most shops sell them for more than 10p.

If you go into charity shops you might pick up a good bargain!





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