God Save the Queen Vic!

In this post, James returns to tell us about another one of his hobbies – collecting autographs from the stars of EastEnders. Check out James’ collection below! 

I love watching soaps, such as Eastenders, Hollyoaks, Emmerdale and Coronation Street. I like the actors, actresses, the gossip they do and they’re easy to watch.


I have a hobby of collecting EastEnders autographs.

One of my favourites is Anna Acton who played Emma Summerhayes in EastEnders. She was a police officer who went out with Max. Her character was killed off in a car accident. So her autograph is rare.

To get autographs of your favourite soap star, write down a letter to the actor or actress, and send it with an SAE (Self-addressed envelope) to the TV company. You can Google this (for example, I wrote to the EastEnders address on the BBC website). It will come in a few months – I am still waiting for three more, for example Danny Dyer, Kelly Bright and Danielle Harold. When I get one in the post I feel out of this world!

It is an amazing experience to do what I do. Awesome!





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