Creative Arts Exhibition at Kendal Library

Creative Arts is holding an art exhibition to showcase the talents of the group’s members. The event, which opened on Monday 31st March, will run for two weeks upstairs at Kendal Library. The exhibition features a range of artwork, including drawings, paintings and collages.

Creative Arts works with people with learning disabilities and mental health needs in the Kendal area, and runs an Arts and Crafts session every Thursday.

Verity Brown, whose artwork ‘Candy’ features in the exhibition, says:

“I completed my canvas in two sessions but worked on it at home as well. It was inspired by my personality. Art is freedom and you can express things with paints, pencils and pens that you cannot with words.”

Lana Johnson, who coordinates the arts sessions, says:

“Creative Arts has never had an art exhibition, so we wanted to celebrate what the group has achieved. The exhibition is fantastic and all of the artwork is very individual which is nice to see. The arts group is an opportunity for local people to socialise, develop new skills and express themselves. I’m very proud of everyone involved.”

Andy Hopley, who has his canvas ‘Sun Set Speed Racer’ displayed in the exhibition, says:

“I go to Creative Arts every week. It’s a bit of ‘me’ time and I find the group very peaceful and relaxing.”

Creative Arts also offers dance and drama and photography and film sessions every week. To find out more, visit their website.




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