Brian’s Blog: Number Sixteen

Brian is a regular blogger for the Creative Support blog. Here is his latest post.

Now another year has come to an end, I feel inclined to reflect on my continuing progress during 2013. Though I still have the medical conditions that make it necessary to take various medications, that’s second nature now, which is confirmed by the fact that Mark and the team now feel confident they need only ask rather than see me place tablets on my bedside table. These days, Mark and his colleagues tend more often to remark on my improving state of health, and I feel that it’s likely to continue when I recall what I was like when I first arrived. I am reminded that it takes people such as my support workers to see it. Only by their involvement can I understand my condition. After all, it’s not something like a broken leg. It would take a lot of training to understand conditions such as clinical depression and my team will no doubt ensure that if any such training becomes available this year that I am made aware of it. But enough of that – let me finish by saying that, just like the classic James Stewart film that’s always shown at Christmas, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.

By Brian, a service user from the North East




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