Lindsey’s Christmas Story

Lindsey from Brandling Court imagines the festive fun of Christmas Day at Brandling Court:

It was Christmas Day and there was a large Christmas tree with lights on, and parcels underneath. One for each tenant and staff. Tables were around the tree and no cars were in the car park as they had been parked by the road for Christmas Day. The staff gave each tenant a present with their names on.


Andrew got a new jumper with a Christmas pudding on it which Lindsey had knitted and Jonathan got a knitted jumper which Lindsey had knitted. Jason got a pair of funky black jeans. Lindsey got a large cross stitch and Linda got a hat and scarf that Lindsey had knitted. Jonathan got a Now 86 CD. Daniel got a pint class with Santa on it for his coke. David got a new CD player and Mark got shoes and slippers. Helen and Joanne got CDs and Jordan got an iPod. Neil got something for his golf, Phillip got a new jumper which Lindsey had knitted.


Afterwards the staff opened theirs and everyone got a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates. After everyone has opened all their gifts everyone had their Christmas dinner outside. Music was on, party hats were on everyone’s head and they all ate and ate and pulled crackers. They all did Karaoke and Lindsey sang “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” by Band Aid. And she was good at it and everyone clapped and cheered at her. Jonathan sang “Jingle Bells” and everyone else sang “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”. Everyone was having a fantastic time. Then everyone sang “Roar”, by Katy Perry. Jonathan than sang songs from the 80’s and Helen sang ‘Take Back The Night’, by Justin Timberlake.


Afterwards everyone was getting tired, and it was nearly time to clear away. By the time it got to 6pm everyone was having sandwiches and the party was good. At 7pm some staff went home. JR, ARN, JW, DS and LS were drinking lager. JH, HM and Jordan had coke and a j20. Linda had a sherry. NH had one bottle of Stella Artois and Phillip had pop and so did DH and Mark. By the end of the night, everyone got settled for the rest of the night and got ready for bed and by the time it got to 10.00pm a few more staff had gone home and some tenants went to bed and some stayed up. As for the whole day, everyone had enjoyed their Christmas Day in the car park and there was not another Christmas Day in the car park until next time.




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