Housing Week Awards 2013 – And The Winner Is…

The highlight of Housing Week 2013 was an awards ceremony celebrating the achievements of our tenants on Wednesday 16th October.

Each winner received a trophy and £20 gift vouchers in recognition of their achievements. Their names and the reasons they were nominated are listed below:

Tenant of the Year – Tony Denial: “A good neighbour – friendly and always willing to go out of his way to help others.”

Creative Support Spirit Award – Tony Denial: “When I first moved into the project he chatted to me and made me feel welcome. He is generous and a good listener. All in all he’s a nice gentleman.”

Creative Support Spirit Award – Nathan Bidwell: “A caring person – helps other tenants to carry their rubbish to the bins and their shopping to their flats, always happy to stop and chat.”

Community Spirit Award – Michael Statham: “He moved in as a shy and quiet young man and he has gained a lot of confidence. All the staff who support him see how much he has embraced life at the project and feel a sense of fulfillment in their work.”

Environmental Champion Award – Paul Lynch: “A down to earth bloke with a heart of gold who cares for others and a keen gardener. He has transformed our garden and greenhouse.”

Environmental Champion Award – Steven Modd: “He takes part in outdoor activities every week and he is very proud of the fruit and veg he grows in his garden.”

Recycling Champion Award – Melvyn Butterworth: “Always recycles his tins and plastic.”

Tenant Involvement Award – Evonne McCleary: “In just over a year, she has moved from 24 hour supported accommodation into her own flat with just four hours of support per week. She spends a lot of time working at head office on the interview panel. She is also a lay assessor and contributes to consultation groups and meetings within Creative Support to represent other service users.”

Staff Award – Catherine Reilly-Cooper: “She was chosen for her outstanding contribution to Creative Support’s Housing Management Team”

Good Tenant Award – Kellie Ashton: “She offers support to older clients, chairs tenant meetings, and is Tenant Representative for our Salford Services”.

Good Tenant Award (Runner Up) – John Gerard Donelan: “He has achieved a City & Guilds qualification in information technology, and given up alcohol and gambling”.

Nominations for the Good Tenant Award were made at the event and the winner was chosen on the day. Almost 20 entries were received. The full list of nominees is as follows:

Andrew, Carly, Carole, Fiona, Jade, Jimmy, John, Kellie, Kelsea, Lynne, Matthew, Melvyn, Michael, Nathan, Patricia, Paul, Steven and Sunny.

Click here for all the Housing Week news, and take a look at a gallery of photos from the event below.




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