Too Busy to Exercise?

Regular guest blogger Pete Baldwin presents ten tips to fit exercise into your busy lifestyle:

As modern day society is becoming more hectic, it’s important that we avoid using the ‘I just don’t have the time for exercise’ excuse. We can all get set in our ways, whether we’re busy or not but it only takes one or two changes to fit exercise into your daily routine without soaking up your time.

1) Wake up earlier

Fit in your workout in early, so you can tick it off asap. Set a motivational alarm to get you in the mood (My obsession with Rocky. would suggest ‘Eye of The Tiger’ is an appropriate wake up call!) Put your trainers and gear next to your bed so you can get straight into them.

2) Exercise in the ad breaks

Exercise during the boring advert breaks. It’s amazing what you can fit into 3 minutes: 10 press ups, 10 squats, 10 crunches – Repeat three times.

3) Check to see where your spare time is going

Write a list of where all your time is going. Be honest. You’ll find that a lot if spent online, watching TV or you may be over committing yourself to too many social events. Learn to say no. Quit using facebook and other time wasting websites. You’re sure to find an extra 30 minutes in your day somewhere.

4) Schedule exercise as a ‘High Priority’ appointment

Book in your exercise slots as though they’re doctors appointments. Not to be missed! Write them in your diary beforehand so you can tick them off. Use your smart phone to raise high priority alarms. Again, remember that motivational alarm ring tone.

5) Active commutes

Can you cycle or walk into work? This would save you time and money. If you live too far away, get off the bus a stop before so you add more walking to your commute or park a further distance from your workplace.

6) Mix exercise with work and socialising

When committing with others, you’ll become more disciplined. It’ll also be more fun too. Being part of a squash league, attending an exercise class on your lunch break or setting up a running club can do wonders to your work and personal relationships.

7) Make it part of your daily habits

Just like brushing your teeth, taking a shower and having breakfast, add exercise to your daily habits. It’ll take two weeks for it to feel like part of your routine.

8) Exercise with your kids

One of my clients now has exercise challenges with his 10 year old kid. I’ve seen parents participating in Parkruns whilst pushing their baby buggies! Being a parent can drag all the time away from you. So, if this is the case, get them involved!

9) Skip the escaltors

My biggest bugbear is when I see so many people using escalators. Unless you have very weak joints or a very good excuse, then take the stairs instead.

10) Find an activity you love

I always think that unless you actually enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll find it hard to continue it. There’s endless ways in which you can keep your body moving, whilst having fun. Use music, picturesque scenery, family, pets, desktop pictures or image boards to help you stay motivated!

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