World Happiness Happens Day

Guest blogger Pete Baldwin writes:

“Working with Creative Support at their annual football tournament in May was one of my highlights of the year. I had a blast going through some light exercises to warm the players up before the tournament got under way. I even enjoyed refereeing a few games. Who said being a referee was a horrible job?!

I’m now looking forward to providing support, practical sessions and regular blogs on everything related to the world of health, fitness and wellbeing.”

Pete BaldwinWorld Happiness Happens Day

Founded in 1999 under the name of “Admit You’re Happy Day” by the Secret Society of Happy People, Happiness Happens Day aims to spread the joy of being happy, and to persuade people to look on the brighter side of life.

Exercise Makes You Happy!

Science backs up the premise that regular exercise actually boosts your mood and makes you a more joyful person. When you workout intensely, physiological changes take place in your body that increase a feeling of happiness.

Using Exercise to Feel Better

Although any amount of exercise is better than no exercise, if you want to use exercise to feel happier, be sure to integrate activities that increase your heart rate. The positive chemical changes leading to greater happiness are more likely to take place if you engage in activities such as weightlifting, running, jogging, swimming, cycling and any activity that challenges you on a cardiovascular level.

Studies show that exercising regularly for about two weeks creates these chemical changes on a regular basis, causing you to crave exercise. When you are first starting out with exercise or getting back into it after weeks of downtime, remember that the first couple of weeks might be hard. After that, your motivation will naturally increase.

Green Exercise and Happiness

When using exercise to increase your happiness level, choose activities that you enjoy. If doing the same routine at the gym is boring, try green exercise. Green exercise is any physical activity performed outdoors. Cycling through a hilly location, hiking through a trail or even doing strenuous gardening work in your backyard are all examples of green exercise.

The impact of green exercise is that it involves and enlivens all of your senses. The sound of crashing waves while running on a beach, the view of greenery while jogging or the scent of beautiful flowers while riding your bike can all contribute to increasing your sense of inner calm.

Working Out with Others

Exercise activities can also create greater happiness by increasing your interaction with others. Training for an event with a friend, playing for a sports team or going to the gym several times a week with a close relative are all ways to get both the physiological and emotional benefits of regular exercise activities.

Using exercise to feel more joy in your life is an effective strategy. Choose fitness activities that you enjoy and do them with people you love. Mix things up as much as possible. Variety helps to increase enjoyment. Give yourself at least two weeks to get hooked on exercise and to experience the chemical benefits. Exercise outdoors from time to time to let your senses experience natural beauty.

Happiness is contagious, so if you’re happy, tell someone! If someone else is happy, listen to them! And as Eric Idle once famously said “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life!”

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