July is Safeguarding month!

Safeguarding month is an important feature in Creative Support’s annual calendar. We need to retain a focus on safeguarding and make sure everyone we support is aware of what it means and that all staff keep it at the forefront of work we do.  For this year’s safeguarding month there is a theme – hate crime and mate crime.

There will be an array of events and activities for staff and service users throughout July, plus look out for the special edition newsletter next month showing what we did. Here are some resources which may be useful for services planning what to do, or individuals looking for more information or guidance.

Keeping you safe booklet

Mate crime guidance booklet

Let’s Stop Disability Hate Crime

Supervision template

Ideas and suggestions

Team meeting suggested agenda

Service User Out of Hours Questionnaire

We also have films and presentations available on request, please contact the marketing team at head office for more information




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