National Smile Month – 20th May – 20th June

National Smile Month, which began in May and continues until 20th June, is the UK’s largest campaign to promote oral health. The month gives people the opportunity to learn more about oral health and find out just why it is so important to their overall wellbeing.

Brushing and flossing your teeth only takes a few minutes every day as part of your daily routine, and when you take good care of your oral health, there’s no excuse not to smile!

Forcing yourself to smile can boost your mood and your immune system and relieve stress. Smiles are contagious, so get grinning and pass it on!

Did you know?

  • It’s easier to smile than it is to frown – it uses less muscles (between 5 and 53 facial muscles)
  • Smiling is a universal sign of happiness
  • A study has found that smiles are more attractive than make-up
  • Babies are born with the ability to smile – they smile in their sleep from being born

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