John Quits Smoking

I had been smoking for 29 years since the age of 19 and I smoked in latter years approximately 60 cigarettes per day.  I had problems breathing and so decided to go to my doctor who asked the nurse to give me a breathing test and she also tested my lungs.  She nurse asked me how old I was and when I told her that I was 48 she said my lungs were like an 86 year olds! I was then sent to a clinic about giving up smoking and after a conversation with a lady there I decided to give up smoking and with the help of some tubes with slight amounts of nicotine I then decided to give up completely and stopped smoking overnight.  The was on 29th September 2011 and I have not had a cigarette since.

Since giving up smoking I do feel better although at first I did put weight on but I am now losing weight. I feel I have more energy since giving up smoking and I am keeping myself fit by walking more.  I find that my taste buds have improved and I enjoy my food more. I have decided to spend the money on buying a few new clothes and putting the rest towards a holiday with Rose Buddies to Howe Top in the Lake District in September 2013.

by John Hennessy




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