Fun and Fundraising at the Dorman’s Disco!

The Dorman’s Disco from strength to strength

The Dorman’s Disco, a weekly disco hosted by Creative Support at the Dorman’s Club in Middlesbrough, has had a lot to cheer about lately. It has celebrated its second birthday, raised money for charity and is now expanding with the opening of a new night.

The event began with a request from service users in Middlesbrough to create a regular local social night. The Dorman’s Club was approached as the service users felt it was right that the night take place in an age-appropriate adult venue. From the outset the Dorman’s Club were open to the event and have been very supportive.

The first night saw around 30 service users attend but the night now regularly attracts over 150 attendees. The success and popularity of the night is thanks to the hard work of its dedicated team of service users and staff who are actively involved in its organisation and future. The Dorman’s team coordinate and promote the night, DJ, host raffles and food stalls and come up with fundraising ideas such as theme nights. Previously the team have organised nights such as a 1970s night, a Halloween party and a Valentine’s Day event.

All proceeds from the night are used to fund further events and make the disco self sustaining. The disco also hosts a yearly charity night in support of the North East Air Ambulance. This is a cause the Dorman’s Club supports and, as a good partnership between Creative Support and The Dorman’s Club has been formed, it was felt apt that The Dorman’s Disco support this charity too.

Last month the disco hosted its charity night which was headlined by an Elvis Presley tribute act. Over £600 was raised and this month a representative from the Air Ambulance came along and was presented with a cheque for the raised funds.

As a result of the Dorman’s success and popularity it will soon be expanding with the opening of another disco night in Stockton-on-Tees. The new night will take place in Norton’s Malleable Club and will launch on Wednesday July 3rd at 7pm.

Like the Dorman’s Disco, the night will see a regular team of service users and staff organise the night and will offer more opportunities for charity events and fund raising. We are confident that the new night will go on to be just as popular as The Dorman’s.

by Mike Edwards, Development Officer



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  1. evija on January 8, 2014 3:07 pm

    hey creative support what did you do for your disco fundraisiing event?
    evija from bridge college

  2. Mike on January 20, 2014 2:56 pm

    Hi Evija
    There’s been a few charity fundrasiers. For the one in the blog above, The Dorman’s had an Elvis tribute act on with all the money raised on the night from the tickets, raffle, cake sales etc going to charity. That was for the Great North Air Ambulance. The ‘Malleable’ dsco recently hosted a ‘Help for Heros’ charity night which saw people from that charity come to the disco and, again, help with a raffle, cake stand, tombola etc. They’ve also had 70s nights, singers, bands etc with all proceeds going to charity.


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