Brian’s Blog: Trials and Tribulations – The Story So Far, Part Three

Brian is a regular contributor to the Creative Support blog. Here is his latest post, another excerpt from his memoirs.

I had no advance notice that a move from Edward Street was on the cards, but with hindsight this was probably a sensible move on their part. To be honest for a long time now I have noticed a change in myself, I had become someone hesitant in accepting help. My fear was always “what’s the catch? What will it cost what, will I have to do?” It took me some time to realise that all service user users have different issues and as such need an approach that can be best expected to have a positive outcome.

As someone who for a long time had been merely given lip service by such people as the Jobcentre staff with their “you’re too ill to work, Mr Holley”, now I have the support of people who see from my file that sitting on my backside collecting my benefits only to line the pockets of the staff at my local pub isn’t my first choice! Instead the people here at Albert Terrace listen and whenever possible respond to my ambitions and desire to once more make myself useful. There’s our garden then my contributions to the Creative Life magazine I now go to bed on an evening knowing that whatever the next day holds there’s a good chance it will hold something different to the previous one. One thing is worth mentioning because my support team here are aware of my past history, both good and bad, I can feel safe in the knowledge that my improvement will be at a pace best suited to me. The meetings that I attend and the training that is offered at head office allow me to put the little grey cells to a more productive use!

by Brian, a service user from the North East




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