Brian’s Blog: Trials and Tribulations – The Story So Far, Part Two

Brian is a regular contributor to the Creative Support blog. Here is his latest post, another excerpt from his memoirs. 

I was recently visited by my Social Worker in order that he could see at first hand my continuing improvement. He was pleased to see my obvious contentment and promised to inform my previous case worker, who had been the person responsible for placing me under the care of Creative Support, of the wisdom of his action. But as I have often told the team here at Albert Terrace their softly, softly approach is just what the doctor ordered! By seeing this he was content to continue his present level of support and co-ordinate with my support team. I felt very reassured after his visit because as I have already said one of my main concerns has been how long am I here for? That is no longer an issue, I sense that people who leave this or any Creative Support project do so primarily for reasons of their own. So while he is able to provide for my external requirements I now am able to develop myself within the project under the care, guidance, and support of the staff team. My continued involvement in the garden, plus being asked to attend various meetings as a service user representative, only continues to restore me back to my old self. Next target a little part time job. I must check on my C.V.

Following on from the visit from my social worker, I find myself asking for the support rather than begrudgingly accepting it. I now spend quite a bit of time in my flat of an evening pondering over my future. I shall be forever grateful for that visit. Lately I find myself being asked by my support team if I want to attend conferences, training, and so on. In response I can only say, to quote Oliver Twist, “please sir can I have some more”. I also think it’s worth mentioning I have finally started to recognise Albert Terrace as my home. Once again there’s that word, home! I now look into a little personalising of my home. To that end I shall be taking onboard any suggestions as to colours and styles. Who knows perhaps a little DIY training!

The latest development in the pilgrim’s progress is really a continuation of what’s passed, well perhaps a bit more. I have already said now I seek out the support. It’s having the desired effect of making me much more the Brian of old, who would instigate events and seek out new experiences. I do enjoy taking on a task or challenge to test my ability.

When it became obvious I had no desire to follow the family males into the steel industry, I got the feeling I was written off from that family. I decided instead to go into the clothing trade working for firms such as John Collier and Greenwoods. But even there it soon became apparent if I wasn’t management material I was written off. I started to feel the only people grateful for my presence were the people of my local! This of course, I now realise, was just their training to make any customer a regular and any true friendship existed in my mind.
I can safely say since my introduction first to the organisation Hope North East who ran a breakfast club to ensure people like me got at least a decent cooked breakfast.

Next came that eventful day when having finished my meal as I was pulled aside by the team and informed by the team at Hope North East who practically forced me into a car after telling me “we’re getting you out of Edward Street you can’t live like that!

I recently bumped into Lawrie, one of the people from Hope North East, as I left the Terrace. It really made me feel really content and reaffirmed my progress.

To anyone reading this I feel an explanation of Hope North East is needed. They are a charitable organisation with the remit to take people like me who frankly have just about reached rock bottom. They already had connections with Creative Support and reasoned (correctly in my case) that I was a prime candidate for them. I’ll finish there. Next, perhaps, a little on my future plans and ambitions.

To be continued…

 by Brian, a service user from the North East




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