Albert Terrace Walking Group

Albert Terrace WalkingOn Thursday 2nd May, Albert Terrace Walking Group set out from Middlesbrough and arrived at Carlton in Cleveland with their walking equipment at hand. The weather was on their side with bright warm sunshine beaming down on the group. The first stage of their walk was a very steep lengthy incline, which everyone succeeded in climbing. It was almost like climbing Everest for some, however everyone was rewarded at the peak with food and refreshments. Once at the top, the weary group slowly proceeded to walk along the hills taking in the beautiful valleys and then later on making a slow descent back to their starting point, via a local country pub called the Blackwell Ox for well deserved food and drink. The day was most enjoyable and everyone agreed it was a fantastic day out. The walking group will now be on a regular basis and have other trips out to places like Scarborough and Whitby to look forward to.





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