Today is Earth Day!

As I turned on my computer this morning (one in a long line of things I switched on this morning – light switch, kettle, shower, phone charger, hair straighteners – all this before I even left the house) I saw today’s Google doodle, a cartoon pastoral scene reminding me that it’s Earth Day.

What is Earth Day? Earth Day was set up in 1970 by a US Democrat Senator, Gaylord Nelson. He wanted the annual occasion to inspire individuals and organisations to think about their impact on the planet and fight against exploitative use of the world’s resources.

Green thinking has been in the worldwide consciousness since the 60s and 70s, and has certainly gone from a niche ‘hippy’ ideal to something more essential to the fabric of our lives, but are we doing enough?

It might just be that we all know how to live in a more environmentally friendly way better than we once did, or we feel we are doing more, but with all the trappings of modern life (please see my morning electricity schedule above!) it is harder to make positive choices.

After all, you can have your organic free range rare breed eggs, but you still bought them from a supermarket to which they had been transported across the country.
My point is that we have come on a long way since the 1970s and we know we should be making changes to live better, but we still need Earth Day so we don’t lose momentum or forget how important making greener choices is.

Visit the Earth Day website for more information.

by Suzanne Morton




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