Congratulations to Our Latest Staff Award Winners!

The latest winners of Creative Support’s staff awards have been announced!

Jonathan from Leeds received the Employee of the Month prize for April. Simon, who nominated him, said:

“Jonathan has developed an Excel spreadsheet that has many key service user documents in it. This allows you to type information into one document and automatically transfer this information into the relevant places in the other documents. The Quality Team made use of this system recently when transferring paperwork onto our documentation and it greatly increased productivity. With further development this system could be used in many areas. Great work Jonathan!”

Thandi from Bedfordshire received the Employee of the Month prize for March. Jaspreet, who nominated her, said:

“Thandi is a really supportive manager and has been instrumental in the operation and development of the Bedfordshire services. She is so proactive and continually goes above and beyond for staff and services. She is approachable and always cares, taking time to ask how we all are, as well as juggling her million and one things to do! She is the first to arrive and the last to leave and her passion for Creative Support is always clear.”

Jane  received the Employee of the Month prize for February. Gareth, who nominated her, said:

Jane has demonstrated dedication and determination to keep the welfare of a service user at the centre of the support she has delivered by advocating for him with his GP and pressing for a formal diagnosis of autism. Such a diagnosis is pivotal in the service user obtaining the most appropriate accommodation and care. Without Jane’s input I am confident that he would continue to live without specialist support.

Team of the Month for April went to the staff at Stockton Homecare. They were nominated by Tracey, who said:

“This team joined Creative Support in October. There was a lot of uncertainty, anxiety, issues and questions. Throughout these early days they accepted changes, communicated positively with their managers, and offered so much support, information and above all patience. They all worked many extra hours, often at short notice to ensure that the service users did not miss out on visits. Their flexibility has been commendable. What would we do without them?”

Team of the Month for March went to the staff at 11 Elwick Close. They were nominated by Tracey, who said:

“This team joined Creative Support in October. The staff have been an absolute asset and without them the support offered by their service would have suffered dramatically. All the team members were part time, yet together they managed the complex needs of the service user they support and above all ensured that she received the support she was used to. This was because they were aware of the importance of consistency. Together they resolved some difficult questions and anxieties. Without their commitment, dedication and support we would not have been able to provide such a high quality service.”

Team of the Month for February went to the staff at The Courtyard. They were nominated by Steven, who said:

“During December, a regular bank worker arrived on shift very upset her home had been burgled and many items had been stolen. Six of her colleagues had a collection and raised over £100 which was presented to her at the end of the shift. She was overwhelmed by this gesture, and I am extremely proud to be a part of this thoughtful and committed team.”

If you’d like to make a nomination for the next staff awards simply fill out this form and return it to sally.kilbourn@creativesupport.co.uk.





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  1. Peter Handley on June 7, 2018 12:57 pm

    I would like to nominate Beth Dickinson a support worker at Oakvale Keighley. On 5th June 2018 at 08.50 while she was lone working, we had a fire at Oakvale supported living unit. Beth contacted the fire service and evacuated the building including 2 residents who needed assistance to leave there flats, she then contacted on-call to arrange more staff to get to Oakvale to help.Due to her swift actions the fire did not spread to a nearby gas pipe thus avoiding more severe damage, thanks to Beths actions all 16 residents at Oakvale are safe and well.


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