Brian’s Blog: Number Ten

Brian is a regular blogger for the Creative Support blog. Here is his latest post on what he has been up to recently.

Well it’s yours truly Brian here with all the latest – the quiz nights are still on hold and the garden project just awaits the change in the weather for work on it to resume. It remains to be seen which of the proposed trips to Sea Life and Whitby will attract sufficient interest to make them viable. For my part I try to take as much advantage of trips as possible. Until such time that I can gain some sort of employment in order for me to take charge of my own finances, these organised trips are my only way to interrupt the current day to day procedure.

I hope that any future training which is available through Creative Support and from which I would benefit can be brought to my attention.  I have asked that Bradley, the team member best suited to identify external training in IT, accompany me in investigating these opportunities, so I can achieve the best training. As I (and staff) feel that I continue to improve I hope that closer to August I can be helped to source a part time job in a shop here in town.  All in all I’d like to think the positive aspects continue to outweigh the negative.  I tend to spend a lot of time lately thinking of any areas within Creative Support which I could either benefit from or be of benefit to.

I’ve recently been thinking of the function room of my local The Central as a venue for disco and quiz nights. I’ve already made tentative enquiries as to the costs of hiring their room and been told it’s free except for the staff wages. To make such events viable we would need to ensure enough people are interested, both service users and support staff. So please get in touch via the Terrace and let’s see what we can achieve here in the North East. We already are in the process of arranging a trip with interest from Oxford Road and Maxwell Court, so come on! There’s nothing to lose by simply putting an idea forward.

With that in mind here’s an idea: why can’t we find a central meeting place where people from various services meet up either at a chosen project or somewhere friendly (and) fairly quiet! We could discuss trips, events and any other ideas that could bring local projects closer together? I eagerly await any feedback on this. Yours for now, Brian

By Brian, a service user from the North East




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