5 Ways To Boost Your Happiness

International Happiness Day FlowersWednesday 20th March was the first ever ‘International Happiness Day.’ I hadn’t realised this until turning on the radio, and the cheery presenter informed me that today was the day to feel happy. I remember thinking, “hang on, just because it’s International Happiness Day, doesn’t mean I can automatically be happy. I can’t just turn happiness on and off.” But then I thought about what makes me happy, what makes me want to have a good day.

Why can’t I aim to make these things happen which in turn should boost my happiness? I decided to put together a list of the top five things that make me happy and then aim to fulfil at least one of them every single day. Here are my top five happiness boosters:


1. Clean Sheets
Very simple. There is nothing better than the feeling of clean bed sheets. Snuggling up under the duvet after a long day at work is a great feeling, but even better when the sheets smell fresh and floral. Getting into a nice, clean bed not only makes me go to sleep feeling good, I wake up feeling refreshed and comfortable (note, this often makes it harder to get out of bed in the morning.)

2. Flowers
Once a fortnight I buy myself a gorgeous bunch of flowers to sit in a vase in my front room. I love watching the flowers open up and they make the room smell great. They are lovely to look at and make my flat seem more homely.

3. Friends
I have great friends. My friends make me feel good about myself. Surrounding yourself with people that you care about and who care about you is a huge happiness boost. I often invite my friends over for tea and we will talk about anything and everything. It’s good to chat and discuss any concerns with people that understand you.

4. Cooking
I love cooking! I love the excitement of making something from scratch. How just a few ingredients can be turned into something delicious and healthy. I love trying new ingredients that are exotic or unusual.

5. Helping others
Doing something for someone else always makes me happy. It gives you a great sense of self worth, knowing that you’ve helped someone else. Whether it’s helping a friend decorate, volunteering at a charity shop, visiting an elderly neighbour or giving a few pennies to charity. Doing something for someone else always makes me happy.

These things are my personal ways to make myself feel happy. Today I have already woken up in clean sheets, cooked a nice a breakfast and helped a colleague with some work. I’m happy! Give it a try. Think of a few things that make you happy and make every single day your own, personal, International Happiness Day.


By Hannah McCann, Cumbria Development Officer



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  1. Lucy Allen on March 28, 2013 11:13 am

    Hannah this has made me smile! I love clean bed sheets too. I’m thinking now what makes me happy. I’m going to sit down tonight and make a list of 5 happiness boosters and put it in my purse to remind me everyday! 🙂


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