Meet Our Staff: Senior Support Worker in Salford

We are currently recruiting Support Workers for our Outreach team in Salford, to apply please click here.

Rosamund is a Senior Support Worker in Salford currently working on our Outreach team. Below she has written a brief summary of her experience in the role.

I currently work as part of the Outreach team in Salford; it’s a job that I really enjoy. I work with different service users every day so my days are always different. For example, I am currently working with a young male who has a mild learning disability and addiction issues. This creates a number of challenges which, as his support, I have to work around. For instance, how can you help this person to engage with services and how can you ensure that they tell you what they need, not what they think you want to hear? Working in social care means working as a team, whether that’s with local drug and alcohol services, housing organisations or social workers. This team work helps those you support maintain independence within the community, and in this particular instance it helps our client to deal with, and hopefully overcome issues relating to addiction.

I also have the pleasure of working with a lady in her fifties; she has a learning disability and a mental health condition. I love working with her as its so rewarding to see how far she has come and to help her continue her journey to greater independence. During her youth she spent a long time living in a secure hospital. She was in effect institutionalised so didn’t have the skills or the confidence to live on her own. But through support from us and her own determination and hard work she now lives in a flat on her own with our ongoing support.

Support doesn’t come pre-packaged, it’s not the same for everyone, and how could it be as we are all different. Some people require intense support, whereas others may only require one visit a week to help them participate in activities in their local community. Either way you are getting to know people, you’re assessing their needs and ensuring that you react to changes and challenges in a professional and person centred manner. No two days are ever the same, meaning that you’re constantly having to use different skills.

It is a fast paced, often challenging job but I wouldn’t have it any other way. At the end of the day you are dealing with people, and they are and always will be unpredictable. Working as a support worker has been a really positive and life enhancing experience for me, I go home knowing that I have, or at least have tried my hardest, to make someone’s life that bit better.

Pop along to one of our recruitment events in Salford to get more information on the role: 

  • Tuesday 26th February, 9.30am – 12.30pm at Eccles Gateway Centre, 28 Barton Lane, Eccles, Salford, M30 0TU
  • Monday 4th March, 9.30am – 12.30pm at Walkden Gateway Centre, 2 Smith Street, Walkden, Salford, M28 3EZ

For more information on the roles in Salford please contact our recruitment department on 0161 236 0829 or email any queries to recruitment@creativesupport.co.uk




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