Bootcamp for Beginners

Bootcamp! Even the thought can give someone goosebumps. Well I definitely got them when I first got asked to go by my friend, but I am now a big fan of my regular training sessions in the park.

Bootcamp for Beginners is available in many areas of the country but I go to the one in Birmingham. I enjoy exercising and used to go to the gym all the time. I would put my head phones in and not talk to anyone which resulted in me feeling very isolated from people around me. The problem I had was I never felt confident enough to do team sports so I couldn’t just join the local women’s football team to stop myself feeling this way.

Then my friend told me about Bootcamp! It terrified me if I’m totally honest. I thought it would be a group of army men shouting at me and telling me to do ’50 press ups NOW!’ But luckily I was very wrong. I went to my first class and was greeted by an enthusiastic group of like-minded people who liked to exercise but who weren’t confident enough to join team sports. We started running around the field and doing jumping jacks, sit ups, a thing they refer to as ‘burpes’ (they are horrible and hurt a lot) but it was great fun. I was only racing against myself but I wasn’t isolated from other people. This was not the only benefit I got from Bootcamp. It also helped with my mental wellbeing – being outside in the sun (and the rain) really helped boost my moods in a huge way.

Exercise has now become a fun, sociable and mood lifting activity in my life. The aim of this blog is to not just tell you about Bootcamp and its positives, but it’s about highlighting the positive effects that social outdoor exercise can have on your life. Not only does it improve your health but it helps with your social skills and makes you happier. Since joining Bootcamp I have made lots of friends and it has boosted my confidence in every day life… all that from one activity! Its got to be worth it, surely?!

Alternative outdoor social exercise consists of walking groups, running groups, or you could even start your own mini Bootcamp with your friends; the possibilities are endless, and now the summer is coming (hopefully soon!) there’s no excuse.


By Amy Jones, West Midlands Development Officer 




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