Would You Like To Be On The Radio?

LDOK is an inclusive online radio station which gives talented people living with a disability the chance to get experience coordinating a radio show. It is an important platform for the recognition, support, promotion and development of the UK’s disabled community.

We have our own radio show on LDOK which is broadcast on Thursdays at 11am and repeated throughout the week. All service users are welcome to take part in recording the show.

I have personally had the chance to take part in the radio show along with service users and one of my colleagues. Before we went on air I was nervous, but once the show got going I found myself relaxing and feeling at ease.

On our first show we played lots of Christmas music including my favourite Christmas song, ‘Mary’s Boy Child’. We chatted about Christmas traditions and our favourite presents. Our second show followed on from our first with lots of Christmas cracker jokes being told. We even had a competition who had the funniest jokes, judged by Stuart, who thought that my jokes were the funniest. Here’s my favourite:
“What do you call a cat in the desert? Sandy Claws!”

I really enjoyed my time on the radio, chatting and playing songs.

If you’re interested and want to listen to the show go to www.ldok.net

If you want a chance to be on the radio, to talk about what you’re interested in or play your favourite songs please contact Ben Thomas on 0161 236 0829 or email ben.thomas@creativesupport.co.uk

By Jenny Bingham, Marketing Apprentice




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