The Football Season Kicks Off for Creative Support Blackburn

The new season starts on Friday 18th January at Blackburn Rovers Indoor Centre.

After last season’s promotions and relegations together with the addition of two new teams the League will take the format as outlined below.

Division 2 matches will kick off at 11.00am. Therefore teams need to arrive at 10.45am at the very latest.

Division 1 matches will kick off at 1.00pm and therefore teams will need to arrive at 12.45pm at the very latest.

Division 1
West Drive Rangers
Diversity FC
Cafe Hub
Stockport County
The Fountains

Division 2
Blackburn Brasilia
Foyer FC
James Street Elite
Kemple View

We will be have a meeting next week with the Rovers Community Trust to try and implement some small improvements to the League so please contact Paul Hardman before next Wednesday if you have any suggestions or comments to make.

Also, although the League is funded until 2015 we are still actively looking at additional funding to possibly extend the league and secure its future for years to come. It would be really useful to have some feedback / player testimonies on how people have benefitted from the League in terms of fitness, confidence, personal development etc. I know everyone is busy but it would be much appreciated.

If you have any queries about next Friday or the League in general please give Paul Hardman a ring on 01254 664 975. Otherwise see you all next week!



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  1. colin on August 15, 2013 3:39 am

    hi paul and Elliott I wonder if you could do a Thursday league div3&4 and you lot play on Fridays and the Thursday play in afternoon because the league is getting bigger former teams could go into those leagues like Blackburn almond villas, affinity sport, community restart and other clubs could be interested and as for funding you can do charity matches or do a tournament proceeds go to creative support football club

  2. Blackburn SIS on August 15, 2013 9:54 am

    Hi Colin,
    Yes, the League is getting bigger! We now have 7 teams in Div 2 and 6 in Div 1. An extra promotion place will allow us to have 7 in each division next season.
    The Blackburn Rovers Indoor Centre is a very busy venue and throughout the week it runs other leagues and school coaching sessions. As well as that the staff here work on numerous other projects and therefore we would not have the time and resources to expand the League in that way.
    All that said, when we initially came up with the idea we had hoped that having seen what we have done here in Blackburn people like yourself and Creative Support staff elsewhere would replicate the League in their area.
    Thanks for your thoughts and ideas Colin. If you would like help in setting up something more specific and local to you than I am more than happy to help
    Take care


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