My Role as a Support Worker

What is your job title?
Support Worker

How long have you worked at Creative Support?
Three years at the end of March 2013.

What would a general day’s work look like for you?
I come into work and look at the daily duty sheet to see what timetable of events I have been allocated for that day. I have a handover with staff from the previous shift, read the summary of works, try and have contact with all the tenants during the day and encourage them to perceive both themselves and the world in a more positive light. I support all clients in whatever activities they want to do.

What is the best and worst thing about working at Creative Support?
The best thing is the friendliness of all the staff who work for the company – everyone seems to be so passionate about what they do.

The worst thing I think is the odd lone working shift. It doesn’t happen very often, but if you have a day where no one wants your support, you have to occupy yourself and being in a confined office with no window does not help.

What is one of your favourite memories of working at Creative Support?
My favourite memory is having my first tenants’ meeting where I organised a huge breakfast in the garden with bacon and sausage buns, yoghurts, cornflakes, rice krispies, fruit juices, toast marmalade, jams, croissants and halal foods. Loads of tenants turned out for that meeting!

Another memory is managing to support one of our tenants to hospital when they initially did not want to go. I decided I would not go home from my shift, as I would be extremely worried in case something happened to them. But pretty soon they came into the office stating they had booked a taxi for me to take them!

I spent 38 years of my life working behind a shop counter. To find this job at my age is so rewarding – you gain a sense of achievement yourself. By supporting and encouraging someone to do something they enjoy and achieve, then you have a happy working environment .

Everyone has a story to tell of some event that changed their lives and without going into any detail, it is because of this I can relate to and support our service users, with my best support and dedication to the job. I have to overcome my own feelings and thoughts to do the best in my job and support everyone with all my attention. Having gained my Learning Disability Qualification (LDQ) and NVQ level 2 I have also had to put time and effort in and also push myself to get out of the hum drum routine that you can fall into.

I thoroughly enjoy my job with Creative Support and wonder why I didn’t apply to do something so worthwhile years ago!


By Linda from the North East 




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