Health Grant Closes Wednesday 9th January

Creative Support’s Health Grant will be closing on Wednesday 9th January.

The grant ran throughout Autumn and we have been really impressed by the number of our service users who have requested grants for a variety of items, classes and events that will help them to become fit and healthy.

Over £3000 has been spent on 31 projects to promote healthy living within our services.

Many people were really innovative in their requests. Grant applications included:
• Armchair exercises
• Cook books and kitchen utensils
• A smoking cessation drop – in
• A sensory room
• A healthy eating and sports day
• A stress management relaxation group

If you are a Creative Support service user and would like to apply for a health grant, send your application to Suzy Kennedy at suzy.kennedy@creativesupport.co.uk

Have you got any ideas for what our next grant could be for? Send your thoughts to Suzy!


By Suzy Kennedy, Development Officer




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