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fit and healthy in Molton MowbrayHave you recently joined the gym to keep fit and healthy?

Well in Melton Mowbray, it’s not a New Year’s Resolution, it’s old news!

Sarah, who is supported by our Melton Outreach team in her own home, has been going to the gym for over 20 years

“I wasn’t very fit as a teenager, so I started going to the gym when I was 18. I started with a bit of cardio and then progressed to weights. I started with 5kg and then I gradually went up to 10kg and then I went up to 15kg, gradually going up on a higher weight. I started swimming when I was young too and go on Sunday mornings and every Monday night, and I enjoy that!”

Keeping fit is very important to Sarah, who uses all the gym equipment and also swims regularly. Following a set programme to tone and build her upper body, Sarah likes to look muscular and healthy.

Sarah has been part of the Special Olympics, in swimming and shot put. She has won medals and trophies for these, proudly displayed on her bookcase at home.

“I work out to be healthy and turn fat into muscle. When I get to the gym, I get changed into my gear, my gym kit, pack my stuff up, then go up to the gym and scan my card and get onto the machines!”

Sarah is vegetarian and has a very healthy diet, eating lots of super foods to maintain her energy levels for the gym. Staff support Sarah with menu planning and shopping, Sarah knows exactly what good, healthy food is and tells staff about foods that provide good sources of protein and energy.

Helen, Senior Support Worker at Melton says “Sarah is always so motivated and has so much energy. She is inspiring and makes everyone want to be more active. She is Superwoman!”

Even recently, when Sarah was on holiday in Dubai with her family, she still found time to go to the gym everyday, including swimming daily too!

Sarah has been inspiring staff across Leicester to get active and keep fit! After spending an afternoon with Sarah, Business Development Manager Jess Johal felt inspired and joined her local gym and started to eat healthier.

“There is no doubt that Sarah makes it look easy, so I was never under the impression that I would find it a doddle! I am certainly not up to Sarah’s standard but since joining in September, I am feeling more energetic, alert and confident! Sarah really inspired me and showed me how important keeping fit is, and I tell her so every time I see her!”


By Jess Johal, Midlands Business Development Manager




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