Creative Support in the North East

My name is Lucy and I am the Development Officer for Creative Support in the North East. I have been in this role since June 2012 and I have enjoyed pretty much every minute of it!

The North East region is pretty large, we work from the top of Tyneside down to Whitby in North Yorkshire and right across County Durham, altogether I think it is 78 miles from top to bottom and 78 miles across, working in 12 local authorities with approximately 43 services and we are growing constantly, over the last 7 months I have managed to visit all the services and I have loved meeting loads of new people and introducing myself to the company. My weeks are never the same.

What I do changes all the time depending on the needs of the services, and I am learning a lot and gaining experience in all sorts. I predominately organise service user involvement activities and so far I have organised an Olympic style sports day, where 200 service users and staff attended and had a great day taking part in traditional track and field events, along with some fair games like splat the rat and hook a duck. I have also run some craft days making cards for Christmas and some decorations. I have held a couple of consultation days and policy review meetings and activity planning meetings, where the service users really get to discuss what Creative Support as a company can offer and what service users want and how they can get involved. I have also started up some service user training starting with managing money this month. At the beginning of the New Year I set up a healthy eating group that meets once a week, the best part being the taster sessions during this.

There are lots more but these are just a few, but I should mention the Christmas parties, they were fantastic! After all these activities have passed, I then get to write them up for the newsletter along with stories that service users and staff send about their adventures and achievements. That is one of my favourite parts of the role, hearing about some of the great outcomes of our service users and services.

I really enjoy working for Creative Support and I look forward to the events and activities that are coming up this year!


By Lucy Allen, North East Development Officer 



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    Hi Lucy is the malleable on tomorrow night


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