A Day in the Life of a Tendering and Development Officer

What is your job title?

Tendering and Development Officer

 What does this involve?

Local Councils commission care and support services through a competitive tendering process. It is the job of myself and the other members of the Tendering and Development team to demonstrate that Creative Support has the expertise and experience to deliver the service that has been ‘put out to tender’. We are responsible for retaining our existing services and winning new contracts. We complete all stages of the tendering process, this includes: completing Pre-Qualification Questionnaires, tender submissions, Framework Agreements and Requests for Quotation; preparing presentations; arranging site visits; attending presentations/interviews and replying to any further queries or requests from the Local Council.

 How long have you worked at Creative Support?

I started working for Creative Support in October 2010; this was a brilliant time to start because it was during the 20th Anniversary celebrations!

What would a general day’s work look like for you?

I start off my day reading and replying to emails (usually over a nice cup of tea). Then the rest of the day is generally spent preparing and writing the tender submission in time for the next deadline, searching for new contract opportunities, responding to queries and collecting information to support our tenders, for example talking to local managers and staff about positive outcomes service users have achieved.

 What is the best and worst thing about working at Creative Support?

The best thing about Creative Support is definitely working with such a brilliant team of people. I’ve also had the opportunity to visit quite a few of our services and I really enjoy meeting our service users and staff. I recently showed some Commissioners around our services in Halifax and that was a fantastic day! The worst part is probably the occasional very early mornings and late nights spent in the office completing tender deadlines!

 What is one of your favourite memories of working at Creative Support?

The 20th Anniversary party at the Palace Hotel is one of my favourite Creative Support memories. It was only my second week so I really enjoyed meeting all the service users and staff from across the country.


By Clare Stevenson, Tendering and Development Officer




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