At today’s Tory Conference George Osborne has confirmed the Conservative Party’s intentions to cut benefits budgets by a further £10 billion. £10 billion will be cut from the Welfare Bill by 2016 – 17, on top of the £18 billion worth of cuts already announced in 2010. Suggestions to cut the cost of benefits include: […]

The health grant is now available from October to the end of December 2012. Please note that this grant is only available to Creative Support projects. Send application forms to Suzy Kennedy at Creative Support, Fifth Floor Dale House, 35 Dale Street, Manchester, M1 2HF. Tel. 0161 236 0829     Fax. 0161 228 0569 […]

Creative Support’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on Thursday 27th September at the National Football Museum in Manchester. Our Chief Executive, Anna Lunts, gave a presentation showcasing all our achievements in the last year to an audience of service users and staff members. Highlights included our Jubilee and Olympic events, and the many new […]

Creative Support attended a Health and Wellbeing Day organised by the Somali Adult Social Care Association on Wednesday 26th September. At the event, held at the Trinity House Community Centre in Rusholme, staff from our Manchester Community Services were on hand to provide information on the care we offer in the local area. Other organisations which […]

On Friday 21st September, our Leeds Older Person’s Service enjoyed a day trip to the historic City of York. The group spent the day sightseeing, including a visit to York Minster (pictured), and stopped for a cup of tea and a bite to eat at a café. The wet and windy weather didn’t dampen spirits. Everyone who […]

My first day at Creative Support was Monday 18th June 2012. Before then I had worked for a year in a high street bookmakers. When I tell people this they are generally quite surprised although I’m not really sure why … When I took the job at the bookies I had just graduated from University. […]

From my early beginnings at Creative Support nervous apprehension filled my waking hours: can I, will they, what if … the list seemed endless! But as the days and weeks passed I gradually realised this was not some sort of detention centre do it our way or else! Not at all, the truth as I […]

Today is one of the busiest days of the year at Creative Support’s Head Office as we prepare for our Annual General Meeting (AGM). This year it is set to take place in the National Football Museum at Urbis in Manchester. The meeting is a chance for our staff to look back at our achievements and […]

Creative Support runs a Social Inclusion Service based in Blackburn. The service aims to support service users with mental health needs to feel included in their community. Service users can also get involved in the project through volunteering. As well as encouraging our current service users, Creative Support seeks to involve service users who have […]

Last week the government announced new plans which mean that people receiving treatment for cancer will no longer be required to seek employment in return for receiving their sickness benefits. Cancer patients will also be asked to through a simplified process for their Employment Support Allowance where they will only have to supply a GP’s […]

Creative Support’s Community Grant closes on the 3rd October. The grant has been running for nearly two years and gives up to £200 to projects, events and ideas that encourage people to get involved in their community. This could include supporting volunteering opportunities, open days to raise awareness of projects and parties with people from […]

The Creative Support Community Grant scheme is coming to a close on 3rd October 2012. If you’d like to apply then this is your last chance, so click complete this form and return it to Head Office as soon as possible! Look out for details of our new Health Grant scheme coming soon. For more […]

Residents at Kwanzaa House in Manchester have recently been learning about fire safety and what to do in an emergency situation. A group of service users took part in a course provided by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service. Members of Moss Side Fire Station’s Blue Watch visited the service on September 19th to present […]

Every week the Creative Support marketing team is inundated with art, crafts, creative writing and particularly poetry from our service users. This is mainly the reason why we are so excited to hold the Creative Support Art Exhibition in September and October 2012 – to show off this talent to people all over the country. […]

Following the closure of an inspirational summer of sports, Dame Kelly Holmes has revealed that she self harmed on a number of occasions before her victory at the Athens Olympics in 2004. Holmes was apparently driven to cut her arms and chest after growing pressure to succeed in her sport, and due to a prolonged […]

Being able to de-escalate one’s own anger and the anger of others is an important skill to have in the workplace. Hopefully, this is not something that you encounter on a regular basis but unfortunately most people at work will encounter either their own anger or the anger of others more frequently than they would […]

Congratulation’s to Paul from Blackburn, the winner of this month’s Service User Achievement Award. He was nominated by Vanessa, who said: “Paul is a very thoughtful and a kind person. He does voluntary work at a cat sanctuary in Blackburn. He says that doing voluntary work is ‘like giving something back’. Paul has even adopted […]

International Day of Peace is fast approaching. It’s celebrated each year on the 21st September to encourage people around the world to work together to promote peace and end conflict. International Day of Peace recognises all the people who work hard to promote peace. It is intended to be a day of global ceasefire, when […]

At Creative Support we are committed to delivering person centred, flexible services that meet the specific needs of those we support. As part of this commitment we are aiming to deliver personalised services in line with the government expectation that “every person who receives support, whether provided by statutory services or funded by themselves, will […]

Panorama has spent much of the spring and summer months filming in Shadsworth, a deprived estate in Blackburn. The finished documentary was aired on BBC1 last night at 9.00pm with the alleged intention of giving a balanced view of life on the estate. Having watched the documentary I can’t help but feel extremely disappointed with […]