Trafford Compass Visits Town Hall

Members of Creative Support’s Trafford Compass service in Manchester recently visited Trafford Town Hall as part of the Construction Youth Trust’s Mobile Classroom initiative.

On their visit to the site, where massive regeneration work is currently underway, participants learnt about the many different career opportunities within the construction industry and received mentoring from workers and apprentices.

The Mobile Classroom initiative aims to encourage young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, or those who face social or economic barriers, to engage in further education or training with employers in the sector. Those taking part are learning skills such as tiling, plastering, joinery, masonry, plumbing and decorating during weekly classes at the Trafford Compass offices.

David, one of the participants, said of his experience so far:

“I’m absolutely loving it, I don’t want it to end. My confidence has improved dramatically and I’ve learnt skills that will stay with me for life.”




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