Staff Awards – Latest Winners Announced!

The latest winners of Creative Support’s staff awards have been announced!

Linda from Middlesbrough received the Employee of the Month prize. Brian, who nominated her, said:

“Linda always provides just the correct level of support each individual service user needs. If Creative Support can ensure at least one member of staff at each project follows her example then the organisation need have no concerns for the future.”

Team of the Month goes to the staff at Lyne View in Hyde. They were nominated by Cathy, who said:

“The team went above and beyond their duty by arranging a fantastic event for Macmillan Cancer Care. Tenants released balloons for people they know who have been affected by cancer and raised almost £700. Five people from nearby Manchester Road attended and made new friends, which was a massive highlight of the day.”

If you’d like to make a nomination for the next staff awards simply fill out this form and return it to before the deadline of Monday 19th November 2012.




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