Keep Healthy During the Cold Winter

With the nights getting longer and the weather becoming colder we are all at risk of developing dreaded cold and flu like symptoms. In order to keep these bugs at bay there are a number of things we can do to maintain our health this winter season – read on to discover our top tips!

Eat a healthy diet: Ensure that your diet is filled with fresh fruit and vegetables. The vitamins will help to boost your immune system. Food which contains high levels of natural pro-biotics such as yoghurt can also keep your gut healthy and strengthen your body’s defences.

Exercise regularly: It is important to exercise regularly, even if it is only for 15 minutes a day! A short walk outdoors or some armchair exercises will leave you feeling healthy and invigorated.

Get a good night’s sleep: If we don’t get enough sleep our bodies can become vulnerable to illness. On average we need between 6-8 hours sleep per night. If you are having trouble sleeping try winding down 30 minutes before you go to bed by reading or listening to soothing music. A caffeine-free hot drink can also help aid sleep.

Lower stress levels: Studies have shown that higher stress levels may make us more susceptible to catching colds and flu. Ensure that you take time out of your day to relax and complete activities that you enjoy.

Wash your hands regularly: This will keep viruses and bacteria off your hands and help to prevent the spread of colds and flu.

Keep yourself warm: Several thin layers of clothing will keep you warmer than one thick layer because the layers trap warm air. Clothes made from wool, cotton and fleecy synthetics will help keep you nice and cosy.

Boost your vitamin D intake: Because of the shorter days and time spent indoors during the winter months we don’t get as much vitamin D as we do in the summer. A glass of milk will help boost your intake of vitamin D as will sardines, prawns and tuna!

And finally…drink plenty of water! Water has many health benefits – it is required for the digestion and absorption of food and also helps the kidneys remove toxins and other waste.




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