Conservative Conference – Further Cuts for Benefits Budgets Confirmed

At today’s Tory Conference George Osborne has confirmed the Conservative Party’s intentions to cut benefits budgets by a further £10 billion.

£10 billion will be cut from the Welfare Bill by 2016 – 17, on top of the £18 billion worth of cuts already announced in 2010.

Suggestions to cut the cost of benefits include:
•Limiting the number of children that can be supported on benefits within one family
•Limiting the amount of housing benefit that people under 25 can receive
•Allowing benefit increases to be lower than the rate of inflation

This is extremely disappointing to Creative Support as many of our service users rely on benefits to eat, live and survive, as they are physically or emotionally unable to commit to full time employment.

Take a look at our summer 2012 edition of Creative Life, which includes an article on page 5 about Pat Onions campaign for MPs to consider the effect of budget cuts on vulnerable people – she needs your support by the 1st November so please get signing the petition now!

Also keep an eye out for our next edition of Creative Life available in December, which will include an extremely interesting article on benefits cuts written by service user Ian from Blackburn.




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