Brian’s Blog: Number One

From my early beginnings at Creative Support nervous apprehension filled my waking hours: can I, will they, what if … the list seemed endless! But as the days and weeks passed I gradually realised this was not some sort of detention centre do it our way or else! Not at all, the truth as I see it is if you come to Creative Support with an open mind and the willingness to accept the support offered it’s almost as if you’re being told “forget the past and the mistakes you may have made”. Now its time to embrace the support and realise your future is the prime concern of Creative Support and all those who work within it.

For my part that has meant learning basic IT skills and attending a first aid course with another service user (although I consider him more as a valued friend). But it hasn’t stopped yet – my garden work is starting to show promise and being invited to attend Creative Support functions such as general meetings restores my feeling of LETS KEEP THE BALL ROLLING, MY FUTURE HAS NOT BEEN WRITTEN!!

Can other service users recognise themselves in my writing? I’d be interested to learn about their experiences, if only to take heart from their feelings. I want to realise I’m not alone among service users who fully intend to accept all the support that’s being offered.


By Brian, a service user in the North East




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