Brian’s Blog: Number Three

Brian is a regular blogger for the Creative Support blog. Here is his latest post on what he has been up to recently.

Our walking group, small though it is (hint hint), may have to take a break due the inclement weather. But we have no intention of letting the idea die. What we plan to do is source more areas of the local countryside that may provide an interesting day’s exercise for us. Yet again I have to ask are there other projects that would be keen to join us?

On our recent walk we included a visit to the Kirkleatham museum where we took the opportunity to browse through the various displays of Roman and other really ancient history. It also held a wide selection of artefacts from Victorian, Edwardian times including clothing writings etc. It then went on to exhibit toys from the sixties and seventies through to the present day. It was sometimes a little disconcerting to see items such as Action Man and realise “I used to have one of those! “ But all in all it’s the kind of place I can see myself visiting again should the opportunity arise.

Once again an idea discussed between staff and service users has stirred the little grey cells of all here at our project. We intend to put forward further ideas for future ventures in conjunction with other projects. On that note I remember being told of a nearby community event which runs on a Monday evening (Dormans Disco night) that’s not far from us here at. I’d like to hear about that from the people concerned. But enough for now, I think I’ve said enough so “that’s all folks”.

By Brian, a service user from the North East




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