Brian’s Blog: Number Six

Brian is a regular blogger for the Creative Support blog. Here is his latest post on what he has been up to recently.

I find writing these blogs very helpful to my continuing general improvement. I still recall the early days here at Albert Terrace. The feeling: “I guess this is just temporary until social services find somewhere for me” – does this sound familiar to anyone out there? I now realise that these feelings were for my part entirely mistaken.

I begin to understand now that if you allow the supporting staff access to your problems, your past experiences (both good and bad) and indeed all of the things that have brought you to Creative Support, then you have probably taken the most difficult step. For my part I think it has been a mistaken belief that every door to me has been firmly closed!

It was only thanks to the team here, and other people within Creative Support that I came into contact with, that I began to understand it was me that was closing the doors. Now the open door policy has finally sunk in I begin to see the improvements in myself. Things that I felt were out of reach for me, such as the very fact that I’m typing this myself, my first aid training, even preparing meals that don’t come out of a tin! Basically my advice to service users present and future is THE HELP & SUPPORT is there to be utilised – don’t refuse it out of misplaced pride.

I still have to remind myself of the early days when boiling an egg was an achievement! Now while I’m no Gordon Ramsey it’s obvious to me that I no longer find cooking mission impossible! That’s only one aspect of my continuing self improvement, being given back some of the trust that I’d earned in the past.
These are just some of the things that would be obvious to anyone who knew the Brian pre Creative Support. I’d enjoy hearing from other service users and their feelings about the changes they had experienced.

By Brian, a service user from the North East




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