Service User Poetry

Every week the Creative Support marketing team is inundated with art, crafts, creative writing and particularly poetry from our service users. This is mainly the reason why we are so excited to hold the Creative Support Art Exhibition in September and October 2012 – to show off this talent to people all over the country.

Have a read of this beautiful poem, which was submitted by APB for the Art Exhibition.

 The Sea

The sea and all its splendour, has hidden depths within

The cruelness of its endeavour is really quite a sin

Marine life so serene, so deep beneath the sea

Hidden treasure a sunken wreck, what more is there to see

Mystery lies within the ocean that can never come to ground

Divers explore the sea bed but nothing can be found

The sea can be a tranquil place as there is nothing for miles around

But beware if a storm blows up or you might just be presumed drowned

 Recent health studies have shown that writing is good for your physical and mental health. It enables you to process your thoughts and feelings on paper and express yourself. If you would like more information on creative writing and poetry there are some really good tips you could have a ready through on

Also take a look at our Spring 2012 edition of Creative Life, to read a really interesting article on the benefits of writing.

Don’t forget to send us your work! If you would like to get involved in writing for this blog, contact Suzy Kennedy at 0161 236 0829 or email




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