Kelly Holmes Reveals History of Self Harm

Following the closure of an inspirational summer of sports, Dame Kelly Holmes has revealed that she self harmed on a number of occasions before her victory at the Athens Olympics in 2004.

Holmes was apparently driven to cut her arms and chest after growing pressure to succeed in her sport, and due to a prolonged injury in her calf which was making practising difficult, causing her belief in herself and her skill to falter.

Holmes kept her self harm a secret from her friends, family and coach and it was not until she sought a doctor for help that she felt strong enough to stop. She now feels that she will never be at a stage where she will need to self harm again.

Kelly Holmes is a true inspiration and I am so thrilled that she felt strongly enough to let people know about her history of self harm.

Kelly’s story shows it is possible to overcome self harm, get your life back on track and achieve your dreams. Kelly won two gold medals in the Athens Olympics and is now one of the biggest sports superstars in the UK, yet only a year before this huge achievement she says that: “I thought I was cursed. It’s the lowest I’ve ever, ever been.”

Holmes’ experiences also shows that it is important not to suffer alone. Kelly did not let anyone know that she was self harming, and it was only when she spoke to a doctor that she could rebuild her confidence and achieve her Olympics success.

I hope that people take inspiration from Kelly’s story. Self harming clearly does not mean you are not a strong person – Kelly could not have achieved her enormous success without strength of character. Mental health issues can be addressed and overcome with the support of others.




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