International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace is fast approaching.

It’s celebrated each year on the 21st September to encourage people around the world to work together to promote peace and end conflict.

International Day of Peace recognises all the people who work hard to promote peace. It is intended to be a day of global ceasefire, when all countries and people stop all hostilities for the entire day. On this day people around the world observe a minutes silence at 12 noon, which gives you the chance to reflect upon peace and how you can make a difference.

Many events are held globally with people taking part in fun activities including concerts and festivals, all with the main focus of promoting peace.

The symbol commonly associated with peace is a dove, which represents a peace offering from one person to another.

International Day of Peace gives you the opportunity to promote peace in your local area, so get involved in promoting peace yourself by organising a local peace walk.

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