Creative Support Community Grant Closes

Creative Support’s Community Grant closes on the 3rd October.

The grant has been running for nearly two years and gives up to £200 to projects, events and ideas that encourage people to get involved in their community. This could include supporting volunteering opportunities, open days to raise awareness of projects and parties with people from the community invited, amongst other ideas.

£9,918 was rewarded to community grant applications in 2011 and so far in 2012 we have donated £7142 to some great ideas.

Take a look below at some of the great Creative Support events that have been held as a result of the community grant …

Dignity Day in Camden 

Royal Wedding Party in Scunthorpe

Timebanking Litterpick in Bury 

Eid Celebration in Castlemere 

Firework Display in Junction Road


The Community Grant will soon be replaced with a new Health Grant – keep your eyes peeled for more information!





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