All Change in the House of Commons

Last Tuesday, Prime Minister David Cameron announced a reshuffle of his cabinet. During a reshuffle, the people with the top jobs in government take on new roles and responsibilities.

If you think that this news doesn’t matter to you, think again.

There have been some big changes in the Department of Health which could affect all of us who rely on the NHS to stay fit and well. And for people with health and social care needs, these issues are especially important. So take a moment to read on and find out more about what’s been happening in Westminister.

Andrew Lansley, who has held the post of Secretary of State for Health since 2010 and been involved with the government’s controversial Health and Social Care Bill, has stepped down to make way for Jeremy Hunt.

Previously, Jeremy was responsible for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, and played a big part in making the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics a success. In the run up to the games, he spoke about his commitment to disability sport:

“I want to see a transformation in sport for people with disabilities. Now is the time for everybody to up their game, creating real sporting opportunities for disabled people”

He also held the post of Shadow Minister for Disabled People from 2005 to 2007, before the coalition government was elected. On his website, he claims that he used this position to:

“Campaign for a better deal for parents of severely disabled children and for carers, simplification of the highly complex benefit system, and the removal of all disincentives in the system that prevent or discourage disabled people from working”

Other important changes include the appointment of Norman Lamb as Minister of State for Care Services in place of Paul Burstow.

We hope that the MPs who represent all of us will show their support for people with health and social care needs, but only time will tell how these latest developments will affect the most vulnerable people in our society, so be sure to visit our blog regularly to keep up to date with all the important political issues that matter to you.




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