A Staff Member’s Story

It fills me with great inspiration to tell you all a little bit about my walk of life.

For many years as a young boy I felt like a lost sheep, mainly because I didn’t have a loving, nurturing family to support and guide me. I was always looking for a sense of warmth and loving but it didn’t appear. When I was about 8 years old I was taken into care by Social Services and remained there until I was able to independently live in society. There were times when I rebelled whilst in care which led me to have episodes of anger, the feeling of being worthless, withdrawn and with no self esteem. This made me into a defensive and isolated young man without a sense of purpose; basically I felt like a nobody. There was a period in my life when I lived on the streets, which I can say was scary, but I adapted to the environment and utilised bridges, skips and doorways to sleep in. I scavenged in bins for food and knocked on doors for water, sometimes being told to go away. Eventually I was taken in by an Aunt who showed me compassion, respect and the most important ingredient, “Love”.

After some time I decided to join HMS and once in HMS I felt I belonged there. I was given an opportunity to become someone, someone who wanted to prove that you can be respected, be shown dignity and most of all have a purpose in society. This was my opportunity to shine, become someone with confidence and have aspirations.

Many years passed and due to an injury I was medically discharged from HMS. This left me feeling very unhappy and despondent. I soon decided to carry out some charity work for a multiple sclerosis home. I then became an employee for the multiple sclerosis care home and loved every minute of it. I felt very honoured to help those less fortunate than me and supported these people in every way I could making friends along the way.

Since working with Creative Support I realise I am a person who has a great passion in supporting the service users / staffing team where I work. Every day I wake up I am inspired to go to work and try to make a difference to the lives of the service users, however small. Creative Support has shown me that there are people who are sincere, genuine and friendly and who want to make a positive difference. For me it’s about giving something back, however long it takes without making any assumptions or judgements, as we all have a history and a tale to tell.

I now have my own family, my own home, my own job and a purpose!

I would like to say thank you to every one I support, the staff team I work with and a big thank you to Creative Support for giving me all the things we take for granted. Keep up the good work CS.

Quote By Galileo,

“Nothing is impossible, give me a lever and I will move the world”


Written by Mark, a staff member at Creative Support




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