5 Ways to Stay Agile

It doesn’t matter what age you are, it is always important to stay fit and healthy. Our bodies find it easier to avoid injury if we keep them in a good condition.

Take a look at 5 ways for older people to maintain their agility:

1.  Choose activities that you will enjoy, as this makes it easer to maintain your exercise routine

2.  Walking can seriously help to maintain your agility, and if you incorporate it into your daily schedule (for example walking to the shops rather than getting the bus) you can forget that you’re even exercising!

3.  Get involved in exercises that focus on maintaining your balance, for example walking backwards or sideways, or walking on your toes

4.  Try to stretch your muscles daily, to maintain their flexibility. For example, looking behind you, clasping your hands behind your back while pulling back your shoulders, and bending over

5.  Participate in armchair exercises, for example rotating your ankles and wrists, reaching down to the ground, and for a bit of cardio dancing while on your seat.

Creative Support delivers day services for older adults in Rochdale and one of the activities is an armchair exercise class at Sandon House Day and Luncheon Club in Heywood. The session takes place every Monday afternoon and is led by Tracy Thomas, a fitness instructor.

Below, Brenda who is 81 years old and lives in Heywood, explains the benefits of participating in the class:

“I really enjoy the friends that I have made coming to the group. The staff are very good and patient with us which makes it more fun.

I like keeping fit and active because it’s good for me. You all do a good job and I love it!”

If you are interested in attending the above session or would like more information about our older adults service in Rochdale, please contact Julie Brierley on 0161 643 6533 or e-mail her at





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