Service User Webpages Group

Would you like to join a steering group for service users interested in improving our service user webpages?

We recently held a meeting in Manchester to share ideas about how we could develop the webpages and it was decided that a service user group will be set up for those who want to get involved.

Most of the group will be done by e-mail, with occasional meetings. Members of the group will:

  • Proof read the pages and let us know about any errors
  • Check that the content is up to date
  • Provide information about news or events in their area
  • Let us know about any problems found while using the site (such as links that do not work, accessibility issues, and so on)
  • Pass on their own ideas and suggestions and those from other service users in their area.

If you would like to join the group or if you want further information, call Lorraine Gainsborough or Ben Thomas on 0161 236 0829 or email or




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