Your Customer Care Heroes!

As part of Customer Care Month in May, we gave you the opportunity to nominate your Customer Care Heroes. The winners will be announced soon, and until then, take a look at the full list of entries below.

Stephen Wickes (nominated three times!!!), Middlesbrough – On hearing of our garden project, he wasted no time in voluenteering his extensive D.I.Y skills and his time. In doing so, he demonstrated the importance of service user involvement to staff, and showed other service users how much they too could achieve.

He also responded quickly to a brief power cut in the building by contacting On Call and checked that the other tenants were safe and well. His quick actions reassured everybody and made them feel safe.

When a medical emergency occurred, he quickly came to another service user’s aid and assisted staff to ensure that they received medical attention. Stephen also broke their fall, ensuring they were not injured further. He often assists other service users in the project, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Fran Pearson (nominated twice!!), Scunthorpe – Her care and compassion towards our service users is honourable. She is good and arranges nice things to do. She plans lots of special celebrations and events and brings so much happiness to others through her hard work and dedication.

Denise Hegarty (nominated twice!!), Scunthorpe – She is helpful, caring and empathetic.

She deserves the customer care award because she is professional at all times adhering to boundaries yet letting the clients know she is totally engaged in supporting them. She is always polite, happy and good natured. It is a pleasure to work with her and witness her working with clients, she is a star!

John Sutherland (nominated twice!!), Scunthorpe – He is helpful and cheerful. He is always willing to help other staff members. He is always a team player. Since starting his job at the project he has grown personally and professionally.

Joanna Withington, Manchester – She provides outstanding support, always goes out of her way to help, and is dedicated to her work. She is a joy to work alongside, as she brings happiness to both staff and residents.

Sara Pearson, Manchester – She is always cheerful, happy and positive, and is liked by all staff. She gives her all and is a pleasure to work with.

Gareth Hamer, Manchester – He is always helpful whenever he is asked something, and he is polite and ready to lend a hand with any problems that need solving. Nothing is too much trouble for him.

Kenny Lawler, Liverpool – He is always very helpful and polite,and goes the extra mile for the service users. He is very approachable and always looking for ways of improving the sucessful service. A team player, he offers brilliant support to his colleagues.

Suzy Richards, Manchester – She is an asset to the recruitment team and never ceases to amaze people with her patience, efficiency and attention to detail. She consistently delivers outstanding customer service to every single person enquiring about recruitment. Despite an extremely high work load she always manages to achieve the best results.

Teresa Spencer, Scunthorpe – She is polite and has a great understanding of all our customers and will always find time to go that extra mile with those who need it. She will stay above and beyond her working hours if she needs to ensure the service users are safe and supported well. She mentors and supports staff well, and has a good knowledge of the service users at the project. She is a customer care hero, continuously working hard and carrying out her role to a high standard.

Jessica Griffith, Oldham – She has given excellent support over recent months to help get her service users’ lives back on track.

The Innovation Court Team, Stockton-on-Tees – A big ‘thank you’ to the whole team as they are always friendly, helpful, professional, and willing to go out of their way to offer help and assistance. They have demonstrated these skills throughout Customer Care Month.

Stephanie Hinze, Manchester – Her knowledge, professionalism and prompt responses assist her colleagues to undertake their roles and answer staff queries. She always provides a courteous warm, helpful response when asked for assistance.

Bradley Caughan, Middlesbrough – He always accommodates his team’s needs and demonstrates his good nature, compassion and outstanding willingness to go above and beyond what’s required. He always offers his time to service users, with a flexible approach and in a professional manner. He is an asset to Creative Support.

Jackie Hagan, Manchester – She goes the extra mile in her care. She is always thoughtful, approachable and willing to help people.

Georgina McGuire, North Lincs – She works tirelessly and professionally. She went beyond her duty to secure an adapted flat for our client.

Karina Hind, Stockton-on-Tees – She noticed a fellow tenant was unwell and offered them a drink, and showed concern by asking the staff and the tenant if they were feeling better.

Laura Mallon, Blackburn – She has a professional, caring and respectful approach to all of our residents, colleagues and other agencies we work with. She always puts the residents of the project first and goes the extra mile to ensure all their needs are met. She is a star.

Sheila McGuiness, Bury – She is always very supportive when we have a concern about a service user. She always goes that extra mile and will make herself available at short notice. She is always friendly, polite and professional. We can always contact her and know that our concerns will be understood.

Ann Connor, Anne-Marie Cheetham, Val Yous and Paula Duffy, Blackburn – These staff went that extra mile when supporting a service user during her grief.

Carol Campbell, Liverpool – She is very helpful, and gives good advice.

Margaret Wadrop, Stockton-on-Tees – She is the most dedicated and caring manager. She is always going over and above for all her staff, colleagues and the company. She is always compassionate and understanding and has been a mentor to all the admin team. Innovation Court, the training department and recruitment department would be entirely lost without her. She is the epitome of customer care.

Del Nelson, Martin McCaughan and Ann Sharpes, Blackburn – For their professionalism, patience and proactive attitude during a difficult period.




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