Up, up, and away!

Back in October, as part of their celebrations for World Mental Health Day, Creative Support’s North Lincs projects released helium balloons into the skies above Scunthorpe. Each one carried a message from a service user and contact details for the finder of the balloon to get in touch and tell us how far it had travelled.

Two of the balloons floated over the English Channel, came back down to Earth, and were found by people far away in Europe.

The first balloon travelled almost 230 miles from Scunthorpe, to the city of Den Helder in The Netherlands, where it was found by Rob de Vroome. In his message to Creative Support, Rob said:

It’s been a joy to get to know your organisation. I wish you all the best.

And amazingly, another balloon has just been found by Julia Wolf in Osnabrück, Germany, nearly 400 miles from where it started and 6 weeks after it was sent up into the sky. Julia was impressed:

A far journey for a little balloon! Congratulations!




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