Congratulations to The Drive

Congratulations to everyone at The Drive in Stockport who recently had a Validation Visit from Supporting People and passed with flying colours. They received a validated level B grade in Assessment and Support Planning; Security, Health and Safety; and Client Involvement and Empowerment and were self assessed at level B in Safeguarding and Protection from Abuse and Fair Access, Diversity and Inclusion. The assessor commented:

I was impressed with the workers commitment in promoting and maintaining the ladies independence, for example voluntary work, independent travel, shopping and banking. Also, the workers encouragement and use of external advocates on the ladies behalf. Please keep this up!

Thanks to all staff for your commitment and hard work and to all our service users for your active involvement in the service!



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  1. ungalooloo on July 8, 2011 8:26 pm

    Fantastic effort by the Creative Support service users and staff !!


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